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Top 5 Resources

At Chicken Saloon, we are committed to providing you with more than just the chicken coops you require, but also the resources you require to raise happy and healthy chickens in your backyard. Below are the top 5 backyard chicken farming blogs and websites.

Free range chickens

City Girl Farming

City Girl Farming is a blog that features a wide range of topics, but focuses primarily on backyard chicken farming. It shows how easy it is for even a city girl or guy to learn to farm at home—and walks you through everything you need to know. Not only does Chicken Saloon review and rate this blog as one of the best, but it was rated one of 2015’s 25 Best Top Backyard Chicken Blogs.

My Pet Chicken

As the name suggests, My Pet Chicken covers all things chicken! This site is perfect for both the novice and experienced chicken farmer. It has over 20 categories to choose from, making it easy to determine where you can find what you need to know. If you still cannot find the information you need, head to the “Chicken Help” section. And don’t forget to look at the “Just for Fun” menu for fun and humor, only chicken farmers can appreciate.

Baby chick on a wooden deck

The Old Farmer’s Almanac

The Old Farmer’s Almanac has an internal blog committed fully to raising chickens, called Raising Chickens 101. While some of the information is applicable to large farms, most is geared towards the backyard chicken farmer.

Natural Chicken Keeping

Natural Chicken Keeping was created by Leigh—a mom of three and self-taught chicken farmer. She created the site to provide those who are ready to raise chickens, with the information she had to scour the web to find. She writes many of the posts, but has contributing posts by other experienced backyard chicken farmers. The site even has some fun, such as chicken recipes, and funny stories about chickens.

Our Little Coop

Our Little Coop has an entire section committed to backyard chicken farming, but offers so much more. The husband and wife co-creators have committed the site to teaching others how to “get back to the basics” by learning how to farm, cook, craft, and reconnect with nature—all while still living in a modern world.

Vegetable Gardens

Are you looking to start a vegetable garden in your backyard? Gardens can help transform your backyard to a lovely country getaway when accompanied with your new chicken coops. We have a guide to help …

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With a large set of nesting boxes, adjustable legs to level the coop, and no run, the Rambler is designed to maximize egg production and minimize it’s backyard footprint.

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