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Getting Started

Farm to table can’t get any fresher than raising your own chickens for backyard fresh eggs. However it can be a messy and time consuming task—but all good things don’t come easy! Here is what you need in getting started to raise chickens:

Raising Rooster vs Raising Hens

Depending what you are looking for, raising all hens or a mixture of hens and roosters is important. Having just hens will allow you to just have fresh eggs, without the worry of baby chicks. If you want a coop with chicks, having a rooster with only a few hens can help you grow your little backyard farm.

Crowing rooster in a field of green grass

Raising hens from chicks are the best ways to bond with your birds. Keeping more than 2 birds together will keep them from being lonely.

Finding Space for your Chickens

Chickens do not like to be overcrowded and a coop can take up a lot of space. Based on how many hens you have you will need to accommodate the size of your coop. Giving your hens room to roam around a yard will also keep them healthy and happy- just like us they need to be able to exercise and spread their wings.

Keeping your hens safe should be a top priority as well. Household pets, like dogs or cats, are potential predators for your chickens.

Backyard Chicken Coops

You need a place to house your hens and a Chicken Saloon is your one stop shop. With six different options to choose from, a Chicken Saloon coop can house up to 15 chickens with our Ranch designs. We offer affordable designs with same day shipping! Each coop requires minimal assembly. Our coops come flat packed in 1 or 2 boxes depending on the coop. All of the wall panels, roof panels, doors, are pre-assembled and will just need to be connected. Each piece with chicken wire already has the chicken wire attached to the panel. Instructions are included with every coop.

A brown hen

Feeding Your Backyard Chickens

Commercial feed can be bought to feed your chickens, but there are many other foods that your chickens will love. Chickens can have personal preferences when it comes to certain table foods and compost pile goodies. Feeding them vegetables and fruit scraps are fine for them to eat, but you want to make sure they also get enough protein and not fill them up on carbs. Feeding your chickens healthy options versus just regular feed can affect their eggs.

Raising backyard chickens can be a great way to create responsibilities for your children or even save a little money on the eggs you eat everyday. Order today!

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A throwback to the traditional American barn, the beautiful red paint, asphalt-shingled roof, and nine lockable doors creates a functional, yet stylish coop for your backyard.

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  • Run



With a large set of nesting boxes, adjustable legs to level the coop, and no run, the Rambler is designed to maximize egg production and minimize it’s backyard footprint.

$550.00 $450
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  • Chickens


  • Nests


  • Run