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About Us

Keeping chickens was once an esoteric activity—the secrets shared only between the great rural farmers of this world. Times have changed! As more towns and cities allow for backyard coops, we’ve seen a huge surge in hobbyist chicken raising. Folks are looking to us to provide friendly expertise and beautiful, long-lasting coops for their new found interest in farm-fresh eggs, exciting family adventures, and sustainability through economic downturns.

Chicken Saloon has been in business since 2011

Keeping birds is nothing new to us. We have a long history dating back many years ago when we raised chickens on a large scale at one of the largest bird farms in the country (over 150,000 chickens). Since that time, we have strived to provide the best quality chicken coops—at the most affordable prices—to both seasoned chicken raisers as well as those who are brand new to chickens. Our chicken coops have been featured on websites and TV shows like the DIY Network, Yardcore, and Houzz.com.

Service and support 

These are other facets of our business we take pride in. We care deeply that you and your chickens have a wonderful experience. We’re honored to share our vast experience and knowledge with anyone who visits Chicken Saloon’s How-to articles, buys any of our coops, or contacts us directly. Whether you are looking for a suggestion on the size flock you should raise, what to feed your chickens, or how to care for them, we can help! We hope you won’t hesitate to contact us.

We listen to customer feedback and we’re constantly evolving our chicken coops, providing the best of both quality and price. Think of Chicken Saloon when you need an expert solution for your backyard chicken raising!