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Tavern Coop
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  • Doors


  • Run


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Large and intelligently designed, the Ranch includes a twelve-foot long run and a pull-rod door to enclose your chickens without crawling inside the coop. 

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Standard on Each Coop

Douglas Fir paneling

Premium Fir

Unlike typical plywood coops, we use top-quality Douglas Fir, sealed and heat-treated to last many years.

Closeup of wood panels resting neatly within each other


Each slat of wood rests neatly within the next to ensure easy construction and a weather-tight enclosure.

A nesting box with the lid open, revealing the divider and nesting areas

Nest Boxes

Divided for multiple nests, our nesting boxes are accessed through secured, hinged doors for easy access to eggs.

A galvanized steel tray, slid out partially from the bottom of a chicken coop

Sliding Mess Pans

An advantage over fixed bottoms, the galvanized steel pan slides free for easy access to droppings.***

Closeup of thick rounded wooden dowels laid horizontally within a chicken coop interior

Roosting Bars

Provides your chickens with a perch, which is where they typically sleep and spend a lot of time.

Closeup of metal latches on doors, locked in place

Latched Doors

Designed to last years of wear, the metal latches and locks keep chickens
safe from predators.

closeup of a window with chicken wire covering the openings in a small wooden door

Screened Vents

Keeps your chicken coop dry and avoids sickness, vents allow air flow to reduce moisture.

A completed chicken coop

Easy Assembly

Each chicken coop ships with clear directions, and many parts are already put together. Takes a couple hours.

***Not available on the Parlor Chicken Coop


My father cusses and throws tools anytime we put something together. But with this there were ZERO cuss words or tools thrown! Instead, he complimented you on how everything was so perfect. Thanks!

Michele B.

United States

Seeing as I’m an interior designer I just had to “decorate” my new chicken coop. We are so glad we bought this kit! Thank you!

Maureen C.

Whitefish, Montana

Satisfaction Guarantee

If any parts are missing or damaged, Chicken Saloon will quickly ship spares to you at no cost. If for any reason you’re unsatisfied with the coop and it’s within 30 days of purchase, you can return the coop for a refund.

Easy Assembly

Our chicken coops require a little bit of assembly, but don’t worry! A lot of the coop is preassembled and instructions are included. Common tools like a screwdriver and a wrench are all that are needed. It’s easy and fun!

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With a large set of nesting boxes, adjustable legs to level the coop, and no run, the Rambler is designed to maximize egg production and minimize it’s backyard footprint.

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  • Chickens


  • Nests


  • Run


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