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Benefits of Chickens

There is a rise in the interest in backyard chickens. A 2007 USDA study cited one of the reasons for this growing interest was that people enjoy the hobby or fun of raising chickens in their yards. As more and more communities adopt ordinances to regulate how chickens may be kept in an urban area, this trend does not appear to be waning in interest.

The Benefits of Raising Backyard Chickens

The local sustainability movement that has been gaining in popularity, with a rise in local farmer’s markets, provides efforts to promote buying from local businesses and chicken farming. This movement is fueled, in part, by a desire to reduce one’s carbon footprint and produce a sustainable source of protein.

Depending on the standards within the community that a person lives, it is possible to own several chicken coops designed to hold dozens of chicken in order to meet the food production needs of a family. Owners of backyard chickens delight in the production yield that comes with a laying hen, which can provide an egg a day. Owning several backyard chickens can help reduce reliance on store bought eggs and aid in a greener, more self-sustainable lifestyle.

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Care and Maintenance Associated with Backyard Chickens

A reason for the increased interest in raising backyard chickens is the ease in care and maintenance of chicken coops. Chickens eat all-grain feed that can be readily obtained at many retail pet stores or ordered online. Chicken coops for sale are typically low maintenance and durable enclosures designed for different types of climates and weather conditions. Those who purchase a chicken coop for sale as an enclosure for their egg laying hens can provide their birds with a comfortable setting for which to be productive and provide a consistent yield.

Investing in Chicken Coops for Sale

Many owners of backyard chickens invest in a chicken coop for sale provided by local businesses that specialize in the construction and manufacturing of these spaces. The idea of purchasing chicken coops for sale is to create an outdoor space that protects the chickens from danger and in many communities, meet local ordinance requirements. A company like Chicken Saloon, based in Springville, UT, specializes in the design and build of chicken coops for sale to the urban farmer looking to participate in this growing fad.

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With a large set of nesting boxes, adjustable legs to level the coop, and no run, the Rambler is designed to maximize egg production and minimize it’s backyard footprint.

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