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Vegetable Gardens

Are you looking to start a vegetable garden in your backyard? Gardens can help transform your backyard to a lovely country getaway when accompanied with your new chicken coops. We have a guide to help you figure out the best vegetables to plant in your backyard farm. Here are the 5 easiest to grow, maintain and most utilized herbs and vegetables to plant.

A pile of green beans
Green Beans


Depending on your favorite variety of lettuce, you can grow it all year long. Lettuce is easy to grow, makes a great addition to any home garden and is a great food to always have on hand.


Used in just about 90% of family dishes, tomatoes are an excellent vegetable to plant in your home garden. Tomatoes also love the sun! You do not have to worry about them and they are easy to care for. We love this article from Backyard Farms on how to plant your perfect tomatoes.

Roma tomatoes on a plate


Chives are a very versatile herb. The entire plant is edible! Everything from its leaves to its blossoms can be put into your next dish. Along with being great tasting, it will supply your garden with a pop of color with its beautiful purple flowers.

Green Beans

There are a wide variety of green beans which means you will never be bored of this plant. Some green beans, like tomatoes, will require a trellis to support the vines, but there are others that can just be planted in your regular pots or planters. The best part about growing these vegetables is that they will benefit whichever plant comes next. Green beans are known to improve soil fertility and allows for a more flexible garden base.


Basil can enhance your home cooked meals tenfold! No more dried basil to flavor your pasta sauce, go pick it fresh from your backyard garden. Basil is a very popular herbs to grow in home gardens. They also sprout flowers and as pretty as they look they are not what you want on your plants- the flavor will quickly fade once these flowers start to bud, so pruning them often is best.

Basil plant in white mug pot near a window

Make sure you give each of your plants plenty of water and sunlight to thrive in your backyard. One of the biggest concerns is soil. Composting is a great way to ensure nutrient rich soil for all the plants you decide to grow.

You know what these great tasting vegetables go great with? Fresh eggs! Your chicken coop and garden will have your family trying to omelets and scrambles every day. Let Chicken Saloon help you pick which coop works best for your space and needs- contact us today.

What will you plant in your backyard vegetable garden?

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